Puna Rhea in Parque Nacional Lauca, Chile

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Reservations for birding and nature in northern Chile                           
  • Tours are private; sorry but we don't offer shared tours that you can join. 

  • Guide service in your own car is available   

  • Before writing please refer to altitude advisory  and frequently asked questions

  • Please look over the itineraries, answer the questions below, and then send an E mail to request further details.  

  • Please don't include credit card numbers in an Email to Alto Andino.  We will never ask you for that information.  The data requested below is to help customize your tour.  


Local altiplano fiesta!

All tours are customized, to receive a price quote please mention

1.  Contact information including E mail, telephone, address, country, full name. 

2.  Number in the party, approximate ages, and month of visit.  If possible include the date and time of your flights to and from Arica.  We can meet you at the airport.  Or you can come up on the public bus and start in Putre.  
3.  Is English the preferred language?  Do you prefer a Spanish-speaking guide? 
4.  What is the main objective, i.e. ecology/nature orientation?  Photography?  Are you a dedicated bird lister? If you are a birder, do you want to see the most species in the shortest time possible, or do you want to include photography and cultural attractions?  Please let us know if botany is an interest (cacti, wildflowers).      When to come to Lauca

5.  Accommodations are not included for Arica, Putre, or Iquique in the tour packages.  We will help you with recommendations to the best places in your price range.  

6.  Would you prefer to start in Putre or Arica?  Tours can end in Arica, Putre, or Iquique.   

7.  Would you like to avoid the high elevations?  We now offer Atacama Desert tours which go no higher than about 1,200 meters.  

Ramsar Site Salar de Surire, northernmost nesting site in Chile of 3 species of flamingos

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