Bird names in the Andes:  a wealth of cultural information

Leque leque, liqi liqi, Andean Lapwing, tero serrano, queltehue de la puna, avefría serrana, vanneau des Andes, Anden Kiebitz, all of these common names refer to Vanellus resplendens, a common sentinel bird of the cushion bogs and pampas of the altiplano of Chile and Bolivia. Truly bird watching, the Aymara indigenas of Bolivia watch the liqi liqi to see if it nests high, then it will be a rainy year.  If it nests on the flat pampas it will be a dry year, so planting of the year's crops depend in part on the nesting habits of this bird.  Noisy, alarmist, but striking with its glowing red iris, squarish head, green back and orange legs. Birders often notice that in the highlands, the lapwing is bound to be the first to give notice, followed by the Andean Flicker (pitío, pica piedra, Colaptes rupicola).  

leque leque, liqi liqi, Vanellus resplendens, nearly always seen on Alto Andino Tour
Andean Lapwing digiscoped in Parque Nacional Lauca 
by B. Knapton 

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