Diademed Sandpiper-plover, Phegornis mitchellii
in Lauca National Park, Chile

cushion bog in Lauca National Park, Chile 
 There's a Diademed Sandpiper-plover
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Phegornis in Lauca National ParkDiademed Plover in Lauca National Park, Chile1729 dsp nic pp copia.jpg (130014 bytes)1697 dsp pp copia.jpg (134051 bytes)
photos B. Knapton, 1 August 2003


Phegornis mitchellii chick in Lauca National ParkPhegornis mitchellii (Diademed Sandpiper-plover, chorlito cordillerano) is a breeding resident of Lauca Park and of altiplano habitat  outside of the park.  The photo (right) of the chick was digiscoped from the road CH11 in March 2002, by BK.   Note the bright orange legs -- this is one way the birds are  spotted.  This youngster which was one of two chicks, foraged non-stop while one of the parents foraged across the bog, and the other sat still within 5 m of  the chicks and emitted a constant soft cheep, apparently a watchful Phegornis mitchellii adult in Lauca National Park contact call to keep the "kids" from wandering. Note the raised effect of the head markings, or diadem, of the adult,right.

The Diademed Sandpiper-plover is redlisted as "near-threatened" by the IUCN. 

As of late August 2003: Sad news.  The Diademed Sandpiper-plover pictured here in Lauca National Park has deserted its nesting site, after at least 6 years in the bog raising 2 clutches a season.  Authorities built a foot bridge near the site and several birders listed specific details of the location on the internet trip repositories.  Groups of birders were seen walking out on the bog and the plover has disappeared, possibly a fox followed the human tracks to hunt the bird.  There is no need to walk on a cushion bog to observe the Diademed Sandpiper-plover, please stay on roads or dry tola grassland areas adjacent to bogs. Cushion bogs are fragile and your scent trails can lead predators to these rare birds.  All DSP photos on this web site were taken from the road or from grasslands overlooking the bog.   

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