Birding and nature in Arica, day tour for cruise ship birders
Arica, Chile

Arica day tour for cruise ship birders and naturalists


Dozens of sites of 1,000 yr old rock art decorate Arica's hillsides.

Birding and Nature in Arica:    Valleys of the Atacama Desert 

Spend your shore hours in Arica with naturalist Barb Knapton seeing the Atacama Desert habitats, birds, plants, and cultural sites near Arica.  These private Arica tours can be customized to focus on the Pacific Slope avian specialties like the Peruvian Thick knee, Peruvian Elaenia, Slender-billed Finch, Tamarugo Conebill, and we'll spend some time watching Arica's 3 hummingbirds including the Chilean Woodstar.  Habitats include Arica's rocky and sandy beaches, a small estuary, Olive plantations, remnant native desert vegetation, agricultural hedgerows, tropical gardens, with an introduction to the vast, barren Atacama Desert.

For those folks interested in nature and pre-Hispanic culture of Arica, we'll include the museum, some pre-Inca rock art, tropical gardens, and of course a sampling of the representative habitats.  Since these Arica tours are customized for you and your group, Barb can provide an interesting blend of culture and nature for your visit to the valleys of the Atacama.  


                                                   Peruvian Thickknee, Tamarugo Conebill, Croaking Ground Dove, Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle

Chilean Seaside-Cinclodes, Peruvian Elaenia, Peruvian Pygmy Owl, Gray Gulls in breeding plumage.

Atacama absolute desert, rocky and sandy beaches, small estuary which is now a Nature Reserve, 
the desembocadura of the Lluta River.  

Above, man standing on cliff above the Lluta River Valley which cuts a swath through the Atacama Desert near Arica.  These desert valleys are natural migration corridors for birds, (and for human beings!).  The valleys are home to many hummingbird flowers, such as the Abutilon sp. that attracts the Peruvian Sheartail, and the Chuve, (Tecoma fulva) on the right, that is a natural for the Oasis Hummingbird.  

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