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Where to stay in Putre

Putre is the best place to acclimatize before going up to Lauca National Park and the altiplano, which is 1,000 meters higher than the town.   

Hiking, birding, botanizing
Enjoy hiking Putre's extensive trail system, with excellent birding for northern Chile species just a few blocks from the village. We have at least 6 species of cacti and many native plant habitats within easy walking distance.  Climbing the Nevados de Putre that guard the village is good practice for those aspiring to climb the higher altiplano volcanos like Parinacota and Guallatire.   

Thermal baths are about 11 km by road and closer by trail.  Putre has a clinic for health emergencies.  There are minimarkets, pubs, and restaurants. In addition we have 2 internet cafes and shops for purchasing
Andean weavings and crafts.  

Getting Here
There is daily bus service to Putre from Arica, the bus leaves at 6:45 am from the Paloma office on the outskirts of Arica.  The same bus goes back to Arica every day, at 2 pm.  We also have afternoon bus service to Arica on MWF at 17:00 with Transporte Gutierrez. 

Travelers can catch an international bus to La Paz, and it is no longer necessary to fly to Santiago before coming to northern Chile, it's easy to fly to Lima, then Tacna and take a taxi to Arica.   Remember that fewer FF miles are required to fly to Peru from the USA or Europe than it takes to fly to Santiago.  Recently SKY airlines has added a flight from Arica to La Paz, apparently they are also offering 1 way inexpensive tickets.  

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